What sort of voices do you like for audio exercises that help you with your sexual issues? Why?

Slow female voice

Soothing female voices seem to be best for me. Most relaxing

I like voices that will calm me and aren’t especially jarring in any way. Like they sort of melt into the atmosphere

Either sex, probably female if I had to choose but as long as it was flowing and less sort of stop. And. Start. Sentences.

Natural female voice. All these voices sound robotic, almost like AI


I prefer female voices, slower paced too. If exercises were a minute or two longer and slower paced I think it would be beneficial.

Smooth, calm, sexy, deep voiced male with a soft British accent

Either work but the less robotic the better

Female voices

Female, calm.

Female voices, but not like the one in Exercise 1. She was rushed, abrupt and a bit loud. Something that is closer to the voice in the meditations (but female) would be good…soft, slower, soothing.

The last male voice made me sound like I was in a Ford advertisement

I prefer male voices. The guy that does the guided meditations is the best voice I’ve heard

Female because I am straight.

A woman’s voice. By far.

Female voice. Slow. Sensual.

Soft female voice, calm, slow. A male voice with those characteristics would also be fine, but I guess because I’m a hetero man, a female voice is more fitting I thnk

Soft female voice with the accent is the clear winner

Definitely soft female voice!