What sort of voices do you like for audio exercises that help you with your sexual issues? Why?

soft female. Less robotic sounding

Female, feminine voices are more attractive. Slowly speaking, seductive.

As a gay man I appreciate male voices. Or maybe the option would be nice?

Deeper voices

Women makes me feel more turned on and in that moment

Not too bothered on gender. But just something soothing and not too assertive. A soft voice is good because it allows me to focus more on the sensation than the audio

Female voices by far, but it would be nice to have an option to choose for each exercise for those that prefer male.

Low tone, slow female voice.

Deffo a female voice seems weird with a man

Female ones make me feel more comfortable

Slow, soft female voice is the best

Soft female voice

Soft, delicate female voice, which would arouse me more.

Soft spoken female voices have been the best so far. The accent was also nice

Any calm voice will do.

Female voice

Female voices are preferred.

Always a female voice because that is who I’m trying to get back to

As a straight male it’s more comfortable and arousing to hear a female voice talk to me about touching myself.

Calming, slow voice in general. Female helps with arousal but male voices also feel a bit more relatable for certain exercise so a mix is helpful.