What are you discovering with directed masturbation exercises?

From body parts that tingle, to trash the inner critic says, and stuff you’ve realized about your old habits — what have you discovered with Mojo’s directed masturbation exercises?

I evidently have a very hard time getting aroused from just light touch and explorative solo play.


Definitely some spectatorng that i had to redirect but eventually got hard and it felt good.

Yeah, guess i really have a hard time getting aroused by light touch. Maybe because I have a tendency to touch my soft penis all the time. Maybe i should keep my hands off for a while

Pleasantly surprised by how good it feels to just be in the moment and take away any expectation to “perform”. I’m purposefully focusing my energy on enjoying the moment and not reaching orgasm, in order to train myself to be in the moment and avoid spectatoring about whether I will climax or not

I’m discovering that I don’t get hard from light touch unless it’s been a long time since I orgasmed.

Starting to recognise subtleties in sensations - nothing mind-blowing, but sensations that are nice that I wouldn’t have otherwise noticed.

I’m discovering how good and sexy it feels to touch myself in places other than my penis. It really sets the mood in a great way. I asked my wife to touch and stroke my body during sex after practicing a few these and it was mind-blowing.

I am slowly regaining a connection with my cock I haven’t had a massive masterbation habbit but clearly I have had a bit of a disconnect. This has helped me realize that I have a general dislike for being touched by my partner during sex and foreplay that I will have to work on. Previously I have always focused on my partner or the act and not on my pleasure.


I don’t need to rush to orgasm. The journey of exploration can be very pleasurable as well but it takes so long to get hard.

Didn’t work at all. On reflection I wasn’t in the right head space. Will try again!


During, I don’t feel so much arousal but continuing afterwards on my own with the same techniques it feels very good although haven’t orgasmed. Is masturbation still masturbation if you don’t cum? Suppose so, it just feels different. Yet to feel a real return of this in the bedroom, but I think that maybe a matter of time.

I continue to find less reason to just go in to auto pilot mode and reach orgasm and enjoy the small touches

If I focus all my touch on my penis I have a hard time getting erect, but if I play with my balls with the light touch it is easy to get erect. I never knew I had such a pleasure center below my penis.

Spectatored a bit but managed to get hard

Finding it difficult to get aroused woth light touch, need to stick with it

That it’s more than just about my penis.

I am basically creating a sensitivity map for my penis. Very different then him only being there for function.

I’m rediscovering the erogenous areas of my body, the variations of touch, and joys of receiving pleasure

Discovering how sensitive my penis is and what feels good. Yet to find out what gets me properly aroused