What are you discovering with directed masturbation exercises?

I definitely have an easier time being more in the moment during this exercise if I meditated before hand feels like I’m unlocking new pleasurable sensations.

More about the different sides and angles of my penis.

It’s surprising to discover that I can focus on touch and pleasure and get out of my head!

It seems it’s hard to get aroused just from my own touch without any visual stimulation. Hopefully more of these exercises will help switch that

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I suppose that I’m discovering or training myself to just generally relax more and enjoy the overall experience and “the journey” as the narrator said. Just trying to let go of that “seek and destroy” kind of mindset with myself and allow myself to be more aware and open to more subtle pleasures that help the overall experience.

I have discovered newfound sensitivity. After meditating and following the directions to self-directed masturbation I continued to play on my own. Within two minutes I had a mind blowing orgasm. The quickest in well over 10 years

getting hard

Once the exercise is over and I can focus on what I’m feeling instead of listening to instructions I become aroused quite easy. I also noticed that my arousal comes from touch alone as I don’t recall imagining and visual stimuli to become aroused.

With each passing exercise, I’m able to reduce the spectatoring in my mind.

That I was masturbating in the most effective (quickest) manner to ejaculate rather than doing so for actual enjoyment and to explore my body

That touch really turns me on too, That I rely fair too much on visual stimulation i.e porn. But why I use porn is because I want to climax quickly which is handy if I don’t have much time but not good in real life bedroom situations with someone…the mind over thinks with negative thoughts, I literally nose dive in confidence when it’s time for intercourse… But hopefully this will help👍

I feel more aroused with a different type of touch on my penis versus what is normally used and “efficient”

I’m definitely desensitized from feeling being touched either by myself or by my partner. It will be a great success reattach to my body and senses during these practices.

Nothing significant yet, I’ll have to keep trying.

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still not really sexual for me; but I did notice some pleasant sensations from small detailed touches that I normally would overlook

Relying less on the visual sense and more on you h again. Rediscovering an amazing sensation

I like it, it’s relaxing

I tend to rush masturbation to reach the finale. It was nice to allow myself to allot some time and just be sensual and explorative.

i don’t get aroused easily from light touch

Amazing as it may sound, this has been the very best masturbation in my life, I had never felt that good finishing.