Weak point in erection

Hello, i am wondering if anyone has the same problem as me as i think it is structural. I have like a “fold” or “weak point” in my penis. I can get erections, however they are always like 80% and i can never get fully hard. It has always been like this. I am a virgin but i have had handjobs/blowjobs but i think that this issue will not allow for penetrative sex which is why i have been scared to try it.

Basically, in the bottom half of my penis there is a point where it almost folds on or bends on, like it is more soft then the rest of it. From the side i can see the front half of the penis almost hanging on that point. When I squeeze my pelvic floor and apply downward pressure on the base of my penis, i can achieve what i think is a normal erection foe a couple seconds but then then blood flows out again. That “weak point” in the penis makes me think i cant penetrate because it bends the penis with any backwards pressure on it, even if it is very light. Obviously if i penetrate my hand will not be there to hold it ij place and preserve the integrity and it will bend like ^ this shape. Imagine like this, you have a piece of paper, and u make a crease with it, and then flatten it out again. If you old it ip and push against and edge parallel to the crease with ur hand, it will bend along the crease instead of push back at ur hand.

I think this issue happened because when I was younger i had phimosis (i am circumsized now) and erections were painful, and as a kid I subconsciously developed the habit to forcefully make myself soft by bending the penis (on what is now the fold) to masturbate while semi hard, and now i am stuck at that semi hard with a weak point.

Please give any thoughts

I’m the same I ejaculate with a 70% hard penis