Tight or weak pelvic floor?

Is there a better explanation of how to find out ? The videos said how important it was to get it right but very quickly skimmed over of how to actually check.

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Yeah I also want to find out. Im worried which one I struggle with, and dont want to overdo it on strengthening if I need to relax. Id like if they could go more into finding out which one.

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Good question. I can see why the course is confusing on this point, and I understand that it’s something that you want to get right.

I got in touch with one of our physiotherapists, Jenny, to straighten this out for everyone, and she has come back to me with the answers.

I’ll make sure the Mojo team makes clarifications to the Stretch and Strengthen course so all Mojo Members can benefit. So thank you for being the ones who asked :clap:

Jenny’s expert advice

Your pelvic floor might be tight, weak, or ‘normal’.

If your pelvic floor is tight, you can do the Diaphragm Breathing and the Stretch Your Pelvic floor exercises, but you should avoid the Pulse it for Strength and Hold it for Endurance exercises.

If your pelvic floor is weak, you can do all the exercises.

If you have a normal pelvic floor, you can do all the exercises.

How to tell if your pelvic floor is too tight

In a sitting position, place your hands below your sit bones (the lower part of your pelvis) and take some deep breaths. If you don’t feel movement through your fingers, then your pelvic floor might be too tight.

You can also look in the mirror when you do this. If your balls do not move as you take deep breaths, then your pelvic floor might be too tight.

Other clues that you might have a tight pelvic floor include:

  • Increased urine frequency
  • Any pelvic pain
  • Pain on ejaculation
  • Abdominal pain
  • Difficulty opening your bowels or straining to empty your bladder

If you notice any of these additional symptoms, please talk to your doctor or a physiotherapist.

How to tell if your pelvic floor is too weak

You might have a weak pelvic floor if you notice any of these clues:

  • Leaking urine when you cough/sneeze
  • Leaking urine when you need a pee
  • Can’t stop the flow of urine when passing urine

If these apply to you, do all of the exercises to build strength and endurance. If you’re particularly worried, visit your doctor or a physiotherapist to get checked out.

How to tell if your pelvic floor is 'normal’

You have a ‘normal’ pelvic floor if you have none of the symptoms for weakness or tightness. If that’s the case then that’s great news, and you can do all of the exercises.

Let me know if there’s anything else you’d like to ask or talk about :blush:

Grace from Mojo