Thoughts on No fapping?

Curious to get the community’s thoughts on the “no fap” (abstain from porn and masturbation entirely) strategy as a type of ED treatment. Does it work? Is it recommended? Is it worth a try or too extreme a strategy? Thanks.


Hey there. Thank you for your question!

We’ve recently covered this in our porn & ED blog post. Take a look here: Porn and erectile dysfunction | Blog | Mojo

Hope this helps!

Katherine from Mojo

I’m afraid this doesn’t answer my question. No fap is a pretty well known movement about abstaining from both porn and masturbation to treat ED. The latter is not at all referenced in the blog you posted.

Also, frankly, I wanted to hear from the community. But you’ve taken down my question.

Kind of disappointed.

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I’m really sorry you feel disappointed.

I’ve not taken down your question, you’ll see it here in the ‘latest’ posts: Mojo community however I did also put your question in the ‘porn and masturbation’ section of our Community as we categorise the discussions so that as many people see them as possible based on the topic: Porn & masturbation 🕹️ - Mojo community

There’s another thread about NoFap in this section which may be useful: Has anyone tried NoFap?

I was hoping this section of the blog post would be helpful, as although it doesn’t speak specifically about the NoFap website, it speaks about abstaining from porn to treat ED (or rebalancing as an alternative) - following advice from our psychosexual expert Silva Neves. I’ve copied the snippet below.

Sorry again about that, and I hope you hear some helpful things from the rest of the community!

Rebalancing your relationship with porn

Porn isn’t bad or good, it’s just adult entertainment. So, unless your experiences with porn are extremely negative, Silva doesn’t recommend cutting porn out of your life completely – particularly if you use porn to de-stress.

“In some cases, porn can be the only coping strategy against stress or other emotional disturbances.

As a therapist, if you ask people to stop watching porn before understanding its role in their lives, you can actually make someone’s mental health worse.”

  • Silva Neves, Psychosexual and Relationship Therapist

However, if you feel like porn is negatively impacting your erections (and your life), you may want to look into rebalancing your porn usage.

When it comes to rebalancing any porn-watching habits, choose a realistic goal that feels like an easy first step. Silva explains an example of how you can do this:

“First, try to enjoy porn with a clear boundary of time, for example, 20 minutes (you can put an alarm on). Make sure that those 20 minutes are really enjoyable. You can use lube whilst masturbating to enhance your pleasure, if you wish.

When you’re done, get on with the rest of your day. If you feel an urge to watch porn again, tell yourself that you can have another super-pleasurable moment at your next allocated time, and the waiting for that time can make it even hotter (because anticipation can be sexy).”

  • Silva Neves, Psychosexual and Relationship Therapist

Also think about the function porn offers you and replace it with something that offers the same reward. For example, if porn helps you calm down or de-stress, replace porn with an exercise or meditation that offers you the same release.

Mojo’s platform has a range of exercises and meditations to help you feel calmer and less stressed. Check them out here.

Ultimately, when you’re rebalancing your porn usage, be patient and kind to yourself. And if you have any setbacks, it’s okay. You can always pick back up where you left off.

“The most important thing to remember when cutting back on porn is to not pressure yourself or approach this journey with shame.”

  • Angus Barge, Mojo Co-founder

Thanks a lot Katherine. I’ll take a closer look. I appreciate your swift follow up.

Many thanks,

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