This got me stressing 😣

I’m 24yrs old, Recently started messing around with some shorty I was messing with few months ago, sex was never and issue. Last week I went over her house and we had sex and it was great then I went over the next day and for some reason I couldn’t get hard, this the first time this shit has happened to me honestly, felt like shit at moment and confused asf because I’m usually rock hard from just making out. I have a feeling that stress has a lot to due with this, been stressing work and family situations I got going on but shit any advice boys ? Would be gladly appreciated


If it is stress, which it sounds like it is, I would try and take 30 minutes to yourself before you go over to her house to just be with yourself and calm your stress and nerves. Meditate if you are able as that has really helped me to calm my stress and anxiety. It may help, but it does take consistency.

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Could quite possibly be stress brother. Work on that mental health clear your head! It’s way more important then we give it credit for

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