The girl I'm talking said she likes bigger dicks

Me and the girl I’m talking with started a conversation about size and when i asked her if she prefers big dicks she didn’t even gave an answer, she just avoided the question. After that a couple of messages she said that she prefers dicks bigger (1-2 cm) than mine and thick which mine is not. I told her that i don’t care about size that much since this is not the only thing that matters. She says that she is ok with mine but i don’t think i believe her. I’m not even sure if she was saying the truth. Now i have this thoughts that I won’t satisfy her. How do I stop having this thoughts?

run for the hills & be grateful you did buddy.


Do you prefer tight pussies or loose? How about boobs, big or small? There are women who know what they like and what matters to them. It has nothing to do with you. Focus on what you can change about yourself: seductive and pleasing techniques, the art or flirting, get fit and charming. Also, the most attractive organ as per what experience d women say is brain.


Why did you ask the question if you were not prepared to accept her answer as true? Learn how to make her cum with your mouth. Read She Comes First - available on Amazon

I think this might be her issue, let’s be realistic here. We live in a world surrounded by this online image of bigger penises, bigger boobs etc etc. your body is your body, you can’t change it, it’s how you were born. Your girlfriend shouldn’t have said what she said and you need to communicate that to her as I imagine it makes you feel worse and will probably make the ED worse. But then again if it was a massive problem then it’s more than likely you wouldn’t be together.

A relationship is more than just about sex, it’s about trust, doing all those things together. I struggle with the size of my penis too, but it’s fine in the grand scheme of things in a factual sense.

Communicate clearly your worries to her and how things make you feel, you’re a king! Remember that!

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