My dick not big enough

While me and my current girlfriend had an argument she told me that her ex dick was longer than mine, ever since i dont feel like my dick is enough

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I hate to be this guy bro but u need to leave her asap. That’s definitely one of the most emasculating things anyone can say to someone and if she says that? God only knows what else shel say. That’s abuse at its max


People say dumb stuff in anger.

Although not a good thing to say size can be a sensitive area ripe for easy insults.

You may be able to talk to her about it. What did she actually mean? So what if he was bigger??? If she actually has particular sex desires you can work on those - if it’s just some dumb heat of the moment insult you can move on.

You can’t do anything about dick size so, as easy as this is to say, it is a waste of time and energy to think about it.

This is an area discussed in one of the mojo recorded therapy sessions - sorry I can’t recall which but I found them all worth a listen- comes up mid way through so not first episode.

I know it’s not that easy but I’d get rid if a gf said that to me especially if she knows I’m insecure about such things, it would be the same if she was overweight and you called her fat in an argument just to hurt her, you really want to be with someone like that? Maybe give her a chance but tell her if she ever does something like that again she’s gone.


Yeah no I agree with the first response: leave her. That’s truly evil to insult you like that. She doesn’t respect you, and respect is one of the most important things in a relationship. Every dick has its purse, just like every vagina has its mount. Your dick is fine, most of us aren’t walking around with horse schlongs. Go find a girl who will love your penis (plenty of them out there, promise) and leave this one in the dust. Tell her to go saddle up with her ex then, but she will never get to talk to you like that ever again.


It’s like if I love small boob girls same thing there is always guys who love giant tits and small ones. No biggie

You need someone who builds you up not tears you down.

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