The butt discussion thread: How do you approach anal play?

I have a few hangups about it even though I am very sensitive there. I fear I will go too crazy if someone fucked me in there. Ss far as fucking it, I don’t always want the domination trip, but maybe it would be cool to have it. She seems ooen to everything

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I had one partner that loved a finger up her butt while I was giving head but my wife hated it. Definitely very polarising.
Not sure I could ask someone for anilingus, I’d be very worried they’d get shit in their teeth!

I don’t

Just exploring this with my lady. It seems to slowly entering fun time! New to it completely.

Anilingus by far. To give and receive

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Get them turned on. Lots of lube. Small butt plugs and silicone lube to start. Have patience, go slow. Make sure she has an orgasm at some point so she gets rewarded. Lots of compliments, tell her how amazing it feels, how hot it is. Don’t be afraid of poop if you want anal play.

Only ever tried with a finger rubbing on the outside during penetration. Kee to explore more

I have done a bit of anal play. Not too much, recently I have done anilingus to some of the women I am going out with and they seem to enjoy it very much. I will try some of the techniques here.

i love eating ass, my partner says it aint her thing but damn i love eating ass. yes make sure she’s clean in their (of you if you’re being tasted), i’ve never had smelly butthole but i’m glad whatever butthole i’ve had is always clean. enjoy it, no one is gonna have fun if it is going to feel like a chore for you, eat it like leftovers you’ve been waiting to eat once you get off work.

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I’ve received, never given. Need to give it a shot one time after shower.

As a gay man, my absolute favorite form of foreplay. Make sure not to just focus on the rosebud the entire area is sensitive. Take your time :slight_smile: