The butt discussion thread: How do you approach anal play?

With lubricants and lots of communication.

Only after fully arousing her and with some time with vaginal sex
Use finger or thumb to stimulate anal areas
Start moving penis to anal opening and lubricate with vaginal juice

It’s something I’m really curious about, especially hearing about the kind of experience it can be. I’m not sure how to approach it with my partner however. I’ve expressed that I’d like to explore some kink, but she is not as interested in kink… hopefully we get to a place where we can explore more of what turns us both on.

It’s something that I’m not fully comfortable with yet and my partner and I have only talked about it a little bit

I’m eager to try it, she is less so…but this may change over time.

LUBE LUBE LUBE and LOTS of communication

I love it

Gradual experimentation will be the key

My girl has made it pretty clear she’s not interested. I have had 1 girl in the past that was into it. Make sure she’s down for it and use lots of lube.

New gf is into it, as am I. When I think about it I get hard but in the moment, still nothing. :frowning: And have even masterbated to the fantasy of doing it. last time we played I was able to get a finger in, while I had another in her vagina while she ground herself on top of me. Super hot, but I still didn’t rise to the occasion. Ugh!