The butt discussion thread: How do you approach anal play?

My partners are typically bottoms and appreciate rimming, prostate massage, and penetration with my fingers and my cock. I love hearing them moan with delight.

Lube, lots of lube

It can feel amazing but it takes practice. It’s unlikely you’ll have a prostate orgasm right away until you learn to relax and learn what gets you there.

I’ve had (mostly) female partners and (fewer) male partners and have been on both sides of the equation. I’ve had female partners that love anal but I doubt they can experience the pleasure that men get because of the p-spot stimulation.

I briefly went on a serious exploration of bottoming, which is not my natural position. It took some practice with a massager and with various partners before I could have an orgasm without touching myself (with a partner) but it was worth the work.

That said, it’s probably too much work if you’re not a true bottom and more just curious. I’m glad I tried and it’s a really different way to cum but no better than a penile orgasm. It’s a shame that most straight guys don’t want to give it a shot because they’re avoiding a really amazing sensation that all guys have access to.

Not a fan, will do it if my partner is super into it, but it’s always way too tight.

Wife doesn’t want it

Not interested in it

Treat their ass like a treasure, with care and love

Fortunately in our relationship we’re both versatile but I would say on the surface I am more top than my partner but I am the one with erection issues unfortunately. Thankfully when I’m not hard enough for penetration (which is anytime I do not have a Trimix shot on board) I can sit on him and cum even if I don’t become erect. So, YES to butt play for us for sure.

when is works its amazing the anus just relies and opens and its so enjoyable - its not evey time though it feels too tight dont force and wait for the pulse to expand

I enjoy kissing, biting, sucking on girls’ butt checks. It is either love it or hate it with most girls, but I really enjoy it. I’ve had no desire to venture in to the anus though.

Hard and fast please!

Cleanliness is key, and eating out your partner is extremely intimate. Remember, it’s not just lapping the outside, it’s better when you go in deeper with your tongue. Masturbating your partner as you eat them out is stimulating too. Remember, all men have prostates. Don’t be afraid to hit the “male g spot!!” It’s a sexual sensation that doesn’t make you less of a man if you engage with it.

If you’re not involving anal, both giving and receiving, you’re missing out.

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Plan ahead and be clean. The poop smell can be a real turnoff.

Very carefully not for all women…alas!

Probably slowly, my girlfriend refuses but I’m always going to keep asking



Slowly and gently eating ass and gradually working up the tongue pressure, a light stubble can feel good for some people when you get into in and are grazing their inner cheeks while licking

I always ask gently, but the size of my manhood gets them frightened