Tangible progress after less than a week

I decided to get the mojo app after a sexual encounter last saturday night (first one with a new person after a 4 year relationship) that was ruined by a complete absence of erection. I invited a girl over that i met at a pub the day before and as soon as i got a text that said “ill be there in 10” the feelings of angst and worry just washed over me and my heart started racing. After struggling with performance anxiety induced ED since my sexual debut, all the seeds of doubt that have been more or less dormant for the past couple of years resurfaced with a vengeance. Safe to say - i didnt get hard, not even slightly.

I have been doing the mojo program since the day after that and yesterday i was put in a similar situation wich resulted on a similar but also very different experience. I was actually determined to hold off on sex because i didnt want to put too much pressure on myself yet but after spending an hour or so with her we ended up making out on the couch and i actually felt horny and relaxed. My penis was twitching and growing as we made out and touched each other and i thought to myself “im really in the mood so i want to go for it anyway” so i did. Once the clothes were coming off it was the same old story unfortunately but i made an effort not to get hung up on it and focused on pleasuring her instead wich went really well. I could tell she enjoyed it alot. She told me to put it in anyway wich i felt was pointless at the time and it didnt do much good but in the end we actually talked a bit about it and it was obvious that her main concern was that she wanted me to have a good time as well, wich i assured her that i did and kind of explained the process of what happens when going soft and just getting stuck there. And that first part wasnt a lie either, i really enjoyed myself despite losing what was well on its way to be a full on erection. This experience is leagues ahead of what happened a week earlier and i consider it a massive step in the right direction and take it as a sign that the program is helping so i just wanted to share and hopefully inspire other guys to stick to it.


Thanks for your testimony mate! We put ourselves so much pressure sometimes and, as you explained, pretty much for nothing. This sweet woman was only concerned about your own pleasure. Never had the thought you couldn’t satisfy her, but pretty much the opposite. We all are a better version of ourselves than yesterday but a worth one than tomorrow. Keep it up!


It sounds as though you managed to have a very different experience. You noticed what was happening and took good decisions for you and you talked about it with your partner! Great! I think if you just go through some more of the exercises - take your time - you will notice more change with your confidence. Getting back into your body and out of your head. : )

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