SSRIs for premature ejaculation

Anyone have any luck with SSRIs for PE? Nothing seems to have worked my entire life (in my mid 30s).

Been there done that got the tshirt its not worth it. Once you come off ssris it will likely come back. Thats why I joined mojo actually as I believe my issue is physiological and through learned behaviour as growing up sex wasn’t seen as taboo in my family so i learned to masturbate and finish quickly not realising the long term impact. Its been a struggle but you just have to persevere with natural remedies like this course and mindfulness when masturbating

  1. Did it help while you were on the SSRIs? (I don’t mind using them for life)

  2. Has anything else helped for you? How are you doing now?

It’s pretty damn impossible for me to make it past 30 seconds. I’ve been using injections that keep me hard for like 2hrs and just keep firing bullets but girls start asking questions after a while like how do you stay hard (they usually like it at first though :)). And then relationships don’t last very long because they know I am hiding things.

I tried this prolong device and it didn’t really help:

Was thinking of trying this: