Hypersensitivity and PE. SSRIs?

33 years old. I’ve struggled with hypersensitivity and premature ejaculation when having sex with my wife for our entire relationship of 15 years. I’m so sensitive that my wife is unable to do anything in bed but lay there and “let me try to pleasure her”. If she squeezes during sex, or rocks her pelvis/hips during penetration I pretty much go straight to ejaculation and we’re both left in misery and anguish. We haven’t been able to have real sex that is pleasurable for us both where we feel euphoric and satiated, ever. It’s taking a huge toll on me mentally.

I’m considering getting a prescription for an SSRI as I’ve heard they help greatly with sensitivity and premature ejaculation.

Has anybody ever gone down that route? What was your experience like?

Just came here to say what you are describing is also the case for me and my wife. We are going to try some sex therapy and see if that can give us some help but I’m also considering SSRI’s

Some guys in these comments have mentioned using desensitizing creams ( of course i can’t recall the name of one now!). Maybe worth considering. Aren’t SSRI antidepressants and have potentially more wide ranging side effects? Would need good medical advice for either I’d say.

I took them for depression and they worked incredibly well for my PE. Unfortunately they didn’t work well for my depression so I’m now on a med that doesn’t have delayed ejaculation as a side effect so I’m back where I started

May I ask what type and dose of SSRI you were on that gave you good results for PE?

Hey everyone, male nurse here. I too considered taking an SSRI for PE, but having done some research I opted not to for a couple reasons.

  1. taking an SSRI doesn’t necessarily guarantee that you will have the side effect of delayed ejaculation, this only happens with some people. I mean if it does help then obviously that’s great but the long-term problem with this is that eventually you will stop taking this medication (whether it’s months, years, or decades from now and you will likely be back to square one with PE)

  2. I have read some research where people have taken an SSRI for random lengths of time and it has worked but then when they stop eventually taking this medication daily they now struggle with erection issues and cannot get it up.

Like I said I opted not to take for these reasons. Mainly I figured it may solve the problem for now but what happens in 5 years from now when I stop? Likely back to the agony and disappointment of not being able to last as long as my wife would like.

Stick to the mojo techniques and activities and talk to people about your issues. Talk therapy has been proven to get that weight off your chest and understand that this can happen and you can work towards improving. It’s usually psychological in nature and being open and honest with yourself and partner is the key to getting back on track. Hope this helps

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So when you take SSRIs for depression you start at a low dose and slowly work your way up to the target dose. I was on Lexapro (Escitalopram) 5mg for 2 weeks then 10mg for 4 weeks. SSRIs can take up to 6 weeks to work and side effects also take some time to show up, but even within a week of being on the 5mg I had good improvement with my PE. Enough that I was happy with how long it took me to cum. Within the 6 weeks it got even better and my sexual confidence was through the roof as I had a physiological change that made it basically impossible to cum in under 1 minute. 10mg is the minimum depression dose for Lexapro and the PE dose of an SSRI is generally about half of the lowest depression dose. Some SSRIs have narrow dosing ranges like Lexapro’s which is 10-20mg while others have much wider ranges like Zolofts (Sertraline) which is 50-200mg so you would probably only take 25mg of Zoloft for PE. Topical numbing sprays like Promescent have worked okay for me though (not as well as Lexapro. With Lexapro it was also more spontaneous) so I think it’s worth giving the sprays a shot before considering SSRIs.

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Love it brother. Thanks for the comment. My hesitations lay in same place. Personally I have no plans of stopping the work on mojo or meeting with my sexual psychologist. SSRIs are a consideration for some quick relief while I continue the work.