Premature Ejaculation has been temporarily resolved

I wanted to share my story with you guys in the hopes that it may positively affect anyone and provide them with some direction.

I’m 33 years old, and I’ve been sexually active with my wife since 18(my first and only sexual partner). I’ve struggled with premature ejaculation since I became sexually active 15 years ago. I could ejaculate within 5 seconds of penetration with my wife, sometimes I would ejaculate just trying to penetrate her.

Up until very recently, I hadn’t done anything or out any real effort into fixing it. I had seen my family doctor, gotten a prescription for viagra years ago and it didn’t really help me with premature ejaculation(I understand that’s not what it’s used for). I also tried edging for a bit but couldn’t find any consistency in practicing that.

I stopped watching porn about 2 years ago after a huge incident with my wife. Ever since then, my thoughts on porn have changed drastically and I truly believe porn is a detriment to men and proper sexual mindsets and expectations of what sex should or can be.

I’ve been seeing a sex therapist for about 6 months now. We see each other once every 2 weeks or so, and discuss anything from how sex has been in my life, to what’s happening in the present with sex. I’ve been doing masterbation exercises to be comfortable in a certain range of arousal(imagine arousal on a scale between 1-10, 1 being erect and no sensation of ejaculation, 10 being ejaculation imminent, no turning back). Im currently focused on the 4-6 range, my goal is to sit and float in that range and feel where my arousal is stemming from, where in my body and genitals. There’s also the 7-9 arousal range that I will be switching to get a better understanding of my body and its response to that level of arousal. Those practices are done roughly 3-4 times per week and they’ve helped me understand how and where I experience arousal in my genitals so that I can sense them during sex and know how to proceed.

I’ve also been using Mojo for about 2.5 weeks now and have been really enjoying the content, lessons and exercises. I’m only at stage 5 but I feel I’ve gained some great knowledge and exercises that I will continue to do long after this app.

The biggest change for me has been the past 2 days. I did a ton of research into what could help me and my PE and came across SSRIs(antidepressants). I saw my doctor 2 days ago, told him my situation, how long it’s been etc, and he prescribed me Paroxetine 10mg once daily for the off-label use of treating premature ejaculation.

I took a pill that same day after picking up the Rx from my pharmacy and felt amazing shorty after taking it. Later that night, my wife and I proceeded to have sex and it was the absolute best sex we’ve ever had in our lives. We were able to maintain penetration for several minutes, truly feel pleasure without the constant stop-and-go that sex has always been for us. Took another pill yesterday and we had sex again last night and it was the same thing. Simply incredible and a truly connecting experience for us both.

I’m not trying to push anyone to take medications to solve their problems. I myself am not one to take medications to fix my problems. I’m fully aware that this is a bandaid solution and I have no plans to take it for the remainder of my life. My goal is to provide my wife and I some relief of the high anxiety and anguish we feel and experience when it comes to our sex life because of my PE/sensitivity while I continue to work with my therapist and this app.

I’m open to any questions you guys may have. Ask away!

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Do you take the medication regularly or just when you have sex?

And does it affect your mood?

Are you worried it’s not fda approved?

Do we know the mechanism? I wonder if the medication helps you feel less anxious and that state of mind make the sex more relaxed and mindful or less exciting perhaps so you slow down

I take it daily so that I don’t have to plan sex and take it a few hours before. It’s much easier that way, less pressure

I’m not worried about it not being fda approved. I’ve read a whole bunch of research studies on the effects of SSRIs in regards to helping men with PE. My doctor told me he’s prescribed this exact medication to many patients with great success all around.

It affects my mood in the slightest bit when I take it. I honestly felt great and was thinking slightly differently, and I recall thinking to myself I’m really enjoying this antidepressant effect. I feel like I’ve always had some depression in my life but never actually went to see my doctor for that.

It was more noticeable at first than it is now.

SSRIs block my brains ability to absorb some of the serotonin my body releases, allowing me to feel more during the moment without actually registering the pleasure in my brain. More of it is coursing through my veins, making sex far more enjoyable.

I’ve also noticed that when the urge to cum starts to show up. I can get pretty close to it and then stop. Within 2 seconds, the feeling goes away completely.

Before, if I got close, my wife and I would have to stop and not move for like 10 seconds minimum for that feeling to go away, only to come back 5 seconds later.