Soft penis pleasuring exercise

Does anyone else find the soft penis pleasuring exercise hard to get your head around? I’m struggling to understand how it helps.

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Yes. It feels weird but I think that the goal is to pleasure your soft penis and to know that you don’t have to experience an erection and climax every time that you play with yourself. The exercise will also help you to last longer during sex.

It’s weird because we’re used to just use our penises when needed. And most men touch it without thinking about it. When we’re asked to really look at it, touch it in a non-sexual way, it’s kinda strange. But that’s exactly the point, break through that feeling of weirdness and feel comfortable with what you have


It can often feel weird to try the soft penis pleasuring. It is also to help you ‘make friends with your penis’ - you may well have felt fed up with it, it might have let you down. By slowing things down, noticing the different sensations, with no end goal you can begin to work ‘together’. If your penis could talk it might not be that happy with you? So try it a few times, build compassion for both of you and it will help before you go onto the next exercises. Good luck, you’re getting there!