So frustrated and mad at me

Today, I feel so mad at me. I was able to masturbate 3 today and those three times I was hard as a rock. But last week I couldnt get hard 3 nights in a week. My girlfriend did everyrhing right, let me touch her, let me do everything I like. Even a fantasy to have sex in the car but still I didnt get hard enough for her. So damn mad at me right now.

I was able to have sex with my exwife at any moment, any time , but with my new partner I have this issues!!. She got mad last time and she doesnt want me to touch her anymore in the car because even though i can make her cum with my fingers, she wants to have sex and hates it when I cannot do it.

And yet I was able to masturbate 3 times today with no problem. So frustrating.

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I had the same problem and what helped me was talking ti my partner not necessarily about sex but about all our problems and afterwards I felt amazing and have been able to get hard quite easily now there’s also this shake I make that makes me rock hard in the morning as long as you get enough sleep it’s 1. 1 scoop Protein powder 2. 4 Eggs 3.milk and if you want you can add some spinach


Thanks. I will try that next time.