Size worries and stress

I’ve been having a bit of mental stress recently and wondered if anyone could help or bring advice to me! My penis is not short it’s about 6inches long but it is slim, I worry this won’t please a woman enough and people mention Gerth is important, what can I do to help this, am I just over stressing or is there any tips! Cheers


Dude I think you’re fine! I am mostly with guys, but even I get pleasure from smaller dicks. And sometimes a woman can be tighter or have smaller things so they might appreciate you not being too thick! Have a good day!


Yes you’re fine. The size of your penis is in the 80 - 90 per centile range. My dick is only 5 inches long. Remember there are many ways to be intimate with your partner besides penetration.
One axiom is - " Size isn’t everything; it’s what you do with it that counts". Chillax man. You’ve got this. :+1:

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