Sildenafil white being on Mojo

I am 30 and been taking the pill before hookups and I want to stop using it since I think I’m starting to feel sometimes the effect decreases the more I try to use it (I use 100mg dose). Have any of you had this issue and been using in certain way the pill (looking for a reduction in the dose)? Or any strategy to keep doing Mojo exercise but feel confident in hookups ?
Open to opinions, ideas or experiences

Correction: Sildenafil while* being on Mojo

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I’ve usually tried to approach the pill use as a little more of a confidence nudge. I have 50mg pills and i usually use half at the most at one time. I suppose if I was planning on an all nighter I might use more or some early and more later in the session. Dunno just thoughts…

I use tadalafil (smallest dose) as a small confidence booster… but if I don’t take it (forget) than it even scares me more wnd getting an erection is even harder… my doctor said you won’t build up a tolerance for this medication dosage

Fully agree… yep… it works… but what percentage is just placebo/confidence boost… or active … I ain’t sure… I’m cutting back…