Sex therapy reccomendatipns

Anyone know how I can talk to someone about my ED virtually?

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Hey there, we don’t offer virtual consultations at Mojo, but there are websites where you can find a therapist (with the option to filter by virual sessions vs. in-person ones).

Here’s one that we’ve recommended in the past:

Since Covid many therapy sessions are offered virtually now. If you are UK based and discuss the problem with an NHS GP they will run some tests to check if you have any underlying issues, if all clear they will refer you to a psychosexual therapist. It’s worth going through, but through NHS the process can be relatively slow. Whilst waiting I would start your preparations using some of the advice here.

Bupa therapist Richard Cruz helped me massively. All on zoom in the UK. It’s about £55 per hour but it didn’t matter about the money. His support has changed my life. I’m using Mojo now as I understand from his help what needs to be done in my life.