How Do You Know When It's Time to Talk to a Professional?

I’ve been using Mojo for about 2 months. There are some things I really like & have put into practice. And there are other things I don’t quite understand still, but I’m just trying to trust the process.
The erection & PE issues still persist in real life, though maybe slightly less frequent. At what point do I tell myself Mojo is not enough by itself & I need a more 1-on-1 approach? And where do I even look to find someone to help?

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Hi there. This could be a difficult one to answer straight up as we are all different and have different challenges. On a positive note you mentioned your issues are already less frequent in real life. I’d take this as a win so far and just keep going with what you are doing. I guess like a lot of things we want our issues to have quick and instant fixes as that’s how we have grown accustomed to in modern day life. Things will take time. Some wins in two months sounds pretty good to me.
If you are still feeling yourself you would like to speak to a professional in person start by having a good chat to your GP, they could help you find services in your area.

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I think it’s never too early or too late for talking with a professional


I think therapy and Mojo are both helping me, i’m also doing the AA workbooks to get in touch with my emotions. Its a lot of personal work. But its helping me grow and feel better. My issues are not gone, but I dont beat myself up as much and am starting to love all of me.