Sex in college with drinking and college hookups

So I am in college and have only orgasmed once with a girl. I have hooked up with 6 different girls and everytime I haven’t gotten erect enough to have sex. The first time I was very drunk but still enough to remember everything, second time I was very drunk again, tried to have sex and it didn’t work, but then in the morning had sex but orgasmed right away. The third time was with one of my friends and had drank 18 beers and didn’t really want to have sex with her but I was horny, the fourth time I was drunk again and tried to have sex but I couldn’t get it up so I tried again in the morning and I got it up but 3 pumps in I was soft again, the next day I asked her to come over again and I barely drank because I didn’t want to blame the alcohol but I was to nervous to actually have sex with her because of all of the past times I didn’t want her to think I have something wrong with me. Then the next time I was pretty drunk and tried getting it up but I was just worrying about the past and if I don’t get it up again and just worrying about everything. I first wanted to blame the alcohol but at this point it’s more mental than anything else

Alcohol makes it harder to get up but i think nervousness can be worse. Sounds like you are having fun tho! Try to focus your mind on something else not on worrying abt performance