Can’t get it up while drunk

So the other night I had a very large night drinking with friends. I found my self in a situation with two women who I find both very attractive. The issue was I couldn’t get it up. Which made the whole situation pretty awkward. After thinking about it I look back and have mostly only struggled in sexual situations when drunk. Has anyone overcome that? I have never had issues after drinking when being with a partner but all one night stands often fall flat.

IMHO - not being able to perform sexually while “drunk” (not after just a drink or two) - is something guys need to expect.

Though it’s true that sexual inhibitions are lowered by alcohol, it’s also true that being intoxicated can impair your ability to get and maintain an erection.

I love my beer and wine. A Manhattan once in a while. A couple of drinks with friends soon-to-be-lovers can be the beginning of a very enjoyable evening and night. But too many drinks not only clouds your judgement, making you more likely to make a mistake - unprotected sex, STDs, unwanted pregnancy, jealous husband, etc - but can also make it difficult or impossible to function.

Advice? Pace your drinking, alternate water with alcoholic beverages, drink low(er) alcohol drinking or even some alcohol free ones, move on to passion before drinking too much.


Interesting… a couple of drinks improves my confidence and allows me to “get out of my head” which means less spectatoring… and better sex… more fun, less inhibited….but… too much can reverse things, and also make mornings…… tricky…
… not really an answer… just a comment ….