Reverse kegel question

Not sure this is the correct category but… i have a question.

When I do a reverse kegel, I feel like I also tense my lower abdomen. It feels different than when I actually actively contract my lower abdomen though… It feels like it’s lower? But definitely abs.

I’m pretty sure I’m doing the reverse kegel, because I feel different than normal kegel, but I also feel like I cannot do it without tensing the lower abdomen a bit.

And believe the point of a reverse kegel is to relax the muscle? And I’m not sure I’m relaxing enough now.

Is this normal? To contract the and during reverse kegel? I dont think I can NOT do it.

I’ve felt that sometimes, both with Kegels and reverse Kegels. Ideally, you should be able to just control the pelvic floor muscles, but sometimes we don’t have that level of control. I think you can manage to do them without engaging the abs, it might take some time and practice.

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In tensing the lower abs and relaxing/pushing down you are reverse kegeling. When i do this there is more sensation of relaxing or pushing out. Kind of your butt hole pushing out like when you pass gas.

Yeah, so I guess I’m doing them right. And actually, I’m not noticing that I’m tensing all my abs a bit :sweat_smile: not just lower. Wel maybe in a couple weeks or months i can do it…

Though I guess that when i pass gas or put pressure on peeing I probably also tense the ab muscles :thinking::thinking: