Prozac for psy ED

Anyone have luck staying hard and tried Prozac ? I tried about 10yrs ago and I think it worked. Wondering if I should try again. 1 yr post divorce, lower libido and can’t stay hard , but morning wood pretty good

SSRI’s alter normal hormonal balance. Wouldn’t recommend unnatural supplements.

Look into nitric oxide. New research coming out on where it starts with oral microbiome. Getting rid of mouth wash and fluoride toothpaste. And getting natural oral pro biotics to help convert nitrates - nitrites - then further down to nitric oxide. More blood flow more morning and afternoon wood.

Prozac worked wonders for my anxiety. The worst side effect was having difficult orgasming. It’s a classic side effect. It eventually left me with a lowish libido. But it did the trick for anxiety. No one can tell you exactly what to take. It’s a bit of trial and error.