New here! Desperate for help

Hi - I’m new here and having a really hard time. 2 months ago I started dealing with a prostate infection. It’s painful and takes a long time to resolve. The pain is about 80% subsided but while I was dealing with it I abstained from sex. Now that I’m feeling a lot better I’m ready to get back to it and noticed that I’m not getting erections. I can when I masturbate but it takes a couple minutes to get hard and some work to keep it hard. Contributing compounding factors in consideration:

  • obviously the infection
  • 1 year of 350mg daily Wellbutrin (though most literature says it improves sexual function)
  • 1-2 years of occasional clonopin - about 15 mg in a month every month
  • porn addiction - through quarantine and working remotely I’ve been home alone every day for 18 months. I watch some fetish porn that’s the only thing that turns me on. Most porn does nothing for me.
  • Propecia for 20 years (I’ve been taking it on and off for a long time. On for the past 3-4 years. I’ve read it’s caused problems for some people…but why now?)
  • lisinopril - I started this right before I got the infection. It’s got my blood pressure under control. Most studies say it has little to no impact on ED.
  • depression/anxiety - all of these things together have me feeling like crap. is it psychological?

Any thoughts on how to start unraveling this? My dr is checking hormones and saying give it time - it’s probably the infection and my head and to take viagra for a couple weeks/months and stop thinking about it and it will likely resolve.

I’m also stopping non-critical medication. I don’t want the propecia anymore. It’s been too long. Also the Wellbutrin for anxiety isn’t really helping anyway.

I would love any feedback. I’m scared and helpless and not in a good state of mind (but I’m safe no worries there). I’m afraid to talk to my partner, I’m afraid my sex life is over. I have no idea how to stop obsessing.