Position based ed

So for me it is almost impossible to get and stay hard while trying to have sex when I’m on top. I never have a problem if my girlfriend is on top or giving me a blowjob. This has been causing a little bit of trouble as my girlfriend is into doing multiple different positions. I’ve noticed that when I am able to get hard it will go soft almost immediately before I can even get into position sometimes. Is anyone else struggling with something similar? This is the first girl I’ve had sex with and her sex drive seems to be way larger than mine is too. This sometime causes some issues because she says she doesn’t feel sexy because I’m not constantly trying to rip her clothes off.


If you masturbate any I would stop so you can get that extra sensation then go for that position first and go till you cum. Repeat this until you’re comfortable with missionary or you could watch missionary porn only that would work too.

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I believe your sex drive is influenced by the lack of confidence you’re facing. I gotta say I have the same problem and depending on how I’m feeling it changes drastically. One thing that helps from times to times is exercising, as it makes me feel good about myself and improves confidence. I don’t think that’s enough for the long term, so that’s why I’m here; let’s trust the mojo’s process and see how it goes :slight_smile:

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