PIED Recovery, What should I do? Advice

For anyone struggling with PIED (Porn Induced Erectile Dysfunction) Was the Mojo app helpful?

Do you recommend I wait until I have no PMO streak first before starting or should I do it at the same time as the Mojo courses?

Thank you!!

I disagree with Mojo’s idea porn addiction doesn’t exist, although I do agree there are people who can use it without issue.

I’d say there’s no reason you can’t do both at the same time.

I have been using Mojo for about 10 days now. I am almost finished with phase 3. I came here thinking I was a PIED poster child because my girlfriend of the last 9 years hates porn. Her ex used it in front of her and ignored her. When she caught me with porn on my computer screen she assumed that was the reason that I couldn’t get it up. I began to believe her. After listening to the lectures and the therapy sessions in the first 3 phases I have come to realize that they are right. Porn in and of itself is not addictive. The addiction aspect comes from what we use it for and how that use affects our lives.

What I have found is that this course has gotten me to think about a lot of things differently. I believed that I needed porn to get it up and as I aged (77 now) it became increasingly harder (meaning more difficult) to get hard. I had no need to get fully hard for the last ~15 years of my 44 yr marriage so I didn’t think about it. After my wife passed I met a woman and she wanted sex. I was pretty much a failure and we decided to forego intercourse. She was not interested in oral sex so for the last 9 years we did nothing except for a few hand jobs. We finally started to have some very frank discussions and I said that I wanted to try to overcome the ED. I finished proton therapy for prostate cancer and thought this would be a good opportunity to dive in.

I had tried generic Cialis and it felt good but still could not get a lasting erection for penetration. So I thought I would try Mojo. I have become increasingly of the belief that my ED was more mental than physical even though I have type II diabetes. Mojo has helped me to realize that.

It is process of stopping kicking myself for not being where I “should” be. The exercises are helping me revise my thinking and surprise of surprises. Out of the blue yesterday I was taking a piss and felt myself getting much harder than I had been in a long time and then orgasm! Not a porn thought anywhere around this! OK. So it is possible for me. Onward.

77…wow. At 50 i have about felt asexual. I am trying to fix me to save my marriage. I aspire to be 77 and still put the work in! Sounds like you are on the right path!

Thanks for the encouragement.

I learned long ago that a man’s most important sex organ is located between his ears. I am seeing that reflected in my work with Mojo. Good luck on yours.