Panic in the bedroom

I’ve had ed long enough that it’s sublimated from worrying about my erection in the moment to a sort of intrusive feeling of panic that can interrupt at any point in sex, and it’s making me lose my mind! Has anyone else experienced this sort of primal spike of panic, rather than any sort of specific neurotic thought?

Yes, I know what you mean
I can get a panic type adrenaline surge that feels out of my control, amd really stops me getting hard. Usually just before for me, but can be during.
Feels like this is that SNS getting in the way! I really like the box breath thing (just started this) as it seems to help alot with this, even as I feel the panic rising it can help


I have a new girlfriend and I did great the first two times we were together but the last time I had the same experience. I suddenly had the panic feeling and she went on top and I could not get it up. I had to give up and I feel like I’m going to panic again next time. I know she’s disappointed, but she was good about it, but I feel very worried about next time. I will try the box breath has suggested.