Overthinking climaxing

I was being intimate with the person I’m seeing last night. We’re working our way up to sex so currently working on touching each other. She was giving me a handjob while I fingered her and it felt amazing and I was really close to climax when I started to overthink whether I was close enough, whether her grip/motion was right and generally worrying about having difficulty finishing, which obviously made it impossible to actually finish. Anyone else have this response when they feel like they’re close to climax but not quite there? I get quite frustrated at myself for feeling ‘broken’ or desensitized at least.


Yeah that is pretty much exactly where I end up. I know I’m getting close and I just start to spiral.

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Happens to me sometimes too, I get the feeling that I’m about to cum then I think “this is too soon, better delay” and end up losing my erection it completely. Feels like missing the last train, once it’s gone, you have to wait until tomorrow



Absolutely been there. And then after that happens I feel like I’m trying to chase the orgasm, and that’s never successful.


Totally relate to this as well! I say I’m about to cum and then there’s a change of angle or technique and I lose it. I feel super guilty on my partner because I worry she feels like it’s because of her