Almost ended my relationship

I’m 32 and have been with the most beautiful woman I have ever been with, my problem is it takes me a very long time to finish, I can make her finish in minutes but for myself it takes a very long and I’ve only finished once and it’s creating an issue to the point she thinks that it’s her. After researching I’ve decided to give this a try and am noticing that I really do have a psychological issue because I find myself saying often criticizing myself. I’m hoping this helps me get out of my own way


You got this bro


I am the same age and have this exact issue! And then girls thinking it’s them compounds my anxiety about it. I don’t know how to break it. It’s gone on for that long I almost feel like I’ve lost the sensitivity of sex

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It’s funny how you have the exact opposite problem as me and I would kill to not be able to finish instead of finishing in 30 seconds but the flip side comes with its own problems too! Nothing is simple! Hang in there dude you got this