Only get realy hard when super close to climax

So, I’m noticing a pattern now that I’m mindfully masturbating. I’m getting really hard (success), but first I have to edge close to climax with a semi hard penis, stop, cool down, and start again. After a few cycles, I’m hard and can climax. I’d like to be able to get hard, then work toward a climax while staying hard.

2 questions:

Is this common or something others have experienced?

Strategies for getting hard before being so close to climax?



Tbh it varies from day to day for me. Some days I’m as you describe.

I just slow it down and spend longer teasing myself and get more comfortable with a longer time to get hard - gentle teasing strokes and also touching other zones of my body that help arouse me - as per mojo solo sensate type exploration.

Got it. I haven’t really gotten into the sensate yet. Thanks for sharing.

I wanted to add that i do have to consciously relax and allow that slow arousal to happen and trust that it will - slow deep breaths and so on - it can be tempting to revert to old ways to get hard - but I’ve found the effort to slow down worth it.

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