Managed to get semi-hard, but ejaculated really fast

I was with a girl that I’ve been crushing on for such a long time, and I finally got to sleep with her. I was so so excited, and it was going great. I was just accepting the fact i wasn’t getting hard, and just enjoyed the moment.

Then suddenly i felt myself get a semi, barely hard at all, and before i knew it, as she was grinding on my lap, I came. I couldn’t believe it had happened. 12 years of no erections, then finally a bit hard, and I cum immediately.

It happened twice more that same weekend - semi hard, some stimulation, and then I came.

Really getting frustrated, can’t tell if any of this is progress or not.

Wow that’s great progress in my opinion – especially after 12 years of no erections!! Congrats!

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For me not getting hard and cumming fast are both tied to fight or flight kicking in. How was your breathing? Did you feel focused on the sensations as they were happening? I use box breathing to slow things down

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