Not able to Climax all the time

is anyone else experiencing a lack of climaxing once you do have sex? I do not climax everytime, even after some time.

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@concrete-silver-dormouse same issue. How long do you usually last before climax?

Intermittent 10-20 minutes and lately not climaxing, lose erection. May come back up in 15 minutes for a bit and still no climax. Out 3-4 times a week we try, I might go only once she can go multiple times per session.

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And how old are you?

Let’s say over 50 and you

@concrete-silver-dormouse over 30

I would love to have this problem lol

@given-gold-cougar to not be able to climax?

Sorry i didnt mean for that to sound like i was belittling it - i was just jealous that you could get it up and last so long that your wife could have multiple orgasms - i have not been as lucky though im sure your problem can be very frustrating too

Yes, I have had this issue for some time, I’ve realized that it also does have something to do with how I’m feeling about the woman.

The women who I’m trying to impress I hardly climax, but the women I don’t really care about impressing make me climax.

I think it’s because I get a bit selfish with the latter, making me very dominant but I’m too catering for the former, maybe that’s because I’m in my head with them. Though the women orgasm multiple times as stated by the gentleman in this thread, so atleast one person leaves happy.

I’m in my late 20’s, not cohabiting so my lifestyle is more bachelor than some of the married gentlemen in the thread. And not climaxing can be frustrating.