Always cum too soon

I’ve had this problem as long as I can remember. I always get too excited during the act, and I cum regularly within 2-5 minutes of sex. Of course the longer I’m with a particular girl, I get more comfortable and can last longer, but I feel like I’m missing great opportunities for casual flings because of fear of climaxing too early. It’s hard to please a woman when she wants to feel strong cock, and you lose it way before her. Anyone relating?


in exactly the same boat boss. just trying to follow advice on here but there is some good stuff people have said & what to follow. one thing that’s helped is just having a bit of fun, fuck it we are only here once!

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Hey man thanks for the reply. If you know of these helpful resources, that would be hugely helpful. I agree. Relaxing and enjoying it is extremely important, and I’m trying some different condoms next time.

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Sometimes I found having sex after some alcohol will last longer. My suspicion is that alcohol kinda numbs ya so