Nofap killed my libido

Before I attempted no fap, I was always horny and ready to go at any moment. Then I did no fap for only 3 weeks and I did not feel horny what so ever. On the third week I went home with a girl and I could not get it up at all. She was super hot and naked in bed but for some reason there was no blood flow to my penis. I went to the bathroom and popped an hims pill and I went back into the bedroom and still nothing. Even after an hour of trying after I took the pill. I just have not been horny at all lately and now I’m forcing myself to watch porn and masturbate again to hopefully regain my libido. I truly don’t enjoy masturbating anymore and I feel like I’m making myself do it. And of course I feel shit after


I have the same issue with NoFap killing my drive and don’t know the correct answer. I am trying to be more intimate with my SO in different ways to get excited. Cialis has been helping me and I’m hoping the more I have sex even if it is not great sex, that I’ll start to enjoy it more and more.