No sensation unless in erection

One of the thing I struggle with is that I feel I don’t have much « penis sensation » if it’s not erected. If I have an erection and someone jerk me off or suck me,it does feel really good and keep me going and make me cum.
But if I’m not erected and the person tries to help me with any of these things I feel I have no sensation and therefore does nothing.
Is it just me? Anybody feel the same?

Same. Sounds like anxiety! At least in my case. I’ve noticed that it wasn’t always like this.

Sometimes I feel the same thing. It’ s like a numbness. I also feel like it’s messing with my libido, the inner critic comes and I have thoughts like “why I don’t aroused like my partner”, “am I having a problem with my libido”…and more like this.

Same here. In a relatively new relationship (7 months) and she just wants me to put it in. Very little or no foreplay. But I need that physical touch to get there. She’s just not into the whole foreplay scenes. So I end up with massive fight or flight response when trying to get hard…works for a few minutes the. Soft because I’m afraid to lose it. It’s a vicious cycle