Loss of sensation

My ED issues began during first lockdown where I found myself masturbating too much out of boredom really, and then when it came to sex with my partner, I couldn’t keep it up. I feel that since then, I’ve lost quite a bit of sensation in my penis which makes it been harder to keep it up. Just wondering if anyone else has felt this?

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Yep i can relate to this. I don’t know the science behind it but my guess is too much masturbating/masturbating incorrectly

Do you think sometimes a jolt in the probs during sex hurts the muscle? During penetration I lose sensitivity and I freak out that it’s not gonna keep feeling the friction and lose it.

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Spot on my issue, though I don’t really know the cause. If I am not holding my cock I can’t tell if it’s hard or soft, I then panic and then DO get soft.
So, being inside my partner, I can’t feel it (never have been able to) and then get soft.