Needing constant stimulation

An issue I’ve been struggling with in the bedroom is needing constant stimulation to maintain an erection. My partner also requires a lot of stimulation to feel ready for penetration, so I’ll pleasure her and try to keep myself up too, but usually lose it by the time she’s ready. She’ll try to get me back up but can lose her own “ready-ness”, or she can get me back up and then while putting on a condom I lose it. It frustrates us both and I feel a certain amount of guilt that I can’t just “stay” hard for a bit without constant attention!


I’m also in the exact same boat. Literally you describe how sex is for me. I’ve had to take tadalafil as a way of “bandaging” the problem. But I need a longer term fix and hope this course helps

I am here as well. It’s really frustrating as it’s making me have unprotected sex since as soon as I get hard from her stimulating me and she’s also wet, i just stick it in since if I put on a condom, I lose the erection.

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Right there with you man.

Try 69’ing

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Yeah, the condom thing is seriously distracting (and not sexy, or erotic, at all)

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I can relate to this too.

Strong agree. Thanks for sharing