Medication for ED

Just wondering what people’s thoughts were on viagra etc. If you can get a partial erection do you think medication will help? Also thinking of using tadalafil daily to support me whilst still doing therapy, sensate etc. Thinking if I use it daily it puts less pressure on having sex at certain times and with the sensate and relaxation it might work well. My worry is that if it doesn’t work it will set me back. Just wondering what people’s experiences were?

I struggle to achieve an erection with new partners, which is especially difficult when dating around. This past year, I’ve taken tadalafil for most of my sexual encounters. It certainly helped a lot, as I felt more confident going into things and enjoyed the sex more. That said, there were numerous times that I would still struggle to get a full erection. I recently tried taking a break from the meds. It’s difficult to say, but I think it was equally difficult or slightly more difficult to get an erection than it was a year ago.

I’m also interested in learning from other men who have taken these meds consistently and to hear the effect it had once they stopped taking it.