Finally Taking Tadalafil Daily

Finally managed to overcome my own cave man alpha male mentality and delved into taking Tadalafil Daily. I’ve been with my partner for 12 years, had ED for approximately 6 of them. Started taking Tadalafil Daily 4 days ago and we’ve had sex 3 times. I so wish I got beyond that “I don’t need help” mentality a few years ago as I’ve had an amazing few days!

I think there are definitely people/circumstances/situations for whom pills may be a good erection solution. I’ve used Sildenafil (20mg) for years with generally good results, but sex had became such a routine (including taking the pill the right amount of time before, among other reasons), so I’m on a journey to see what my body and partner can do without that. I don’t know what it will lead me to, but I can imagine a world in which I may want/need to take a pill for a more reliable erection. I did get a few Tadalafil to try for their larger effectiveness window.


The bar party about daily tadalafil is that it’s always there working and you can be spontaneous. Viagra was not for me because of the planning part.