Long term relationship with new onset ED

Been dealing with psychological ED for 6 months. Healthy relationship for 3 years, engaged, and now it feels like it’s on the brink before our wedding later this year. And I feel like it’s all because of me because I got shocked, nervous and scared when I couldn’t get it up 6 months ago. Been a struggle since. I feel good doing the exercises and meditating but get super nervous, anxious when leading up to a possible sexual encounter. Any tips?

Box breath has helped me a bit. But I’m still learning and new to mojo.

I feel ya: Know that this can, and does happen to guys in long relationships all the time. Last Fall, after 24 years of marriage, suddenly I was having problems getting it up… and over 6 months they got steadily worse. We’re still in love and still find each other sexy… so what’s with that?

After checking in with the doc (I’m pushing 60 after all) - and he cleared all the systems as good, I had to conclud it was all in the head!

I’ve been doing Mojo for a month now and it is definitely helping! Not getting it up 100% of the time, but at least some times now! Which is way better than the the 0% I was hitting two months ago!

Im in the same situation as you!! I started taking Viagra after a long while trying on my own to no avail!! V. Is helping tremendously with my issue a long with mojo!! Right now I’m reducing the dose of viagra as I’m getting more confident!! My wife was getting frustrated but now that we’re being having sex like before is kind of putting me in a different state of mind! Im hopping as my confidence grows I can be off of viagra and doing it on my own!! Right now I’m using 50mg but when I started using it I started at 100mg. Good luck and all the best!!