Kegels working for my PE but struggling with my Ed

Been having real erection issues for the past 2 years since I’ve broken up with my ex. I’ve been with my girlfriend for 2 years and my boners come and go. Can no longer get random erections or morning wood cannot sustain my erection without physical stimulation. Been doing always had PE. But prior to my Ed in my glory days my refractory period was short and I could get it up multiple times a night. Now I’m lucky if I can penetrate. The app has helped with my mental but had sex with my girlfriend this morning and I could not get it up. My girlfriend is perfect and supportive all aspects of our relationship is amazing besides my sex life im starting to lose hope i just want my penis to act normally.

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Brother I hear you loud and clear. I know that feeling well. In my experience the exercises work well for lasting longer but if you can’t get it up what’s the point right.

For me personally, it was diet or nutrition.
I had too much sugar not enough healthy fats and protein. Cholesterol gets converted to testosterone so i really needed the fats. But the real game changer was Black ginger and Butea Superba I sourced through Anabolic health. They are natural Nitric oxide boosters and helped restore my testosterone to healthy levels. Now my problem is just lasting long enough to satisfy a women but no problem getting an erection.

Men have been in testosterone decline for years and it’s hitting men younger and younger. Hope this helps.

My problem now is summoning the courage after 5 years of no sex to ask a women out who’s probably had 100 times more experience than me. Confident I’ll get an erwction but more scared I won’t last long enough to make her happy. We all have our Demons. Praying for recovery


Thank you so much for this man. Truly I’ve been trying everything under the sun I’ve been running daily lifting daily and eating watermelon for vasodilation been taking horny goat weed supplements, L-arginine, citrulline the whole 9 sometimes I wake up fine sometimes my dick is dead it’s so frustrating. I have yet to go to the doctor seriously I thought my lifestyle changes would help. But I’ll give the black ginger and butea a try. I’m 23 and truly I believe my stress is one of the main reasons I’m going through it either way I won’t let this beat me thank you mate.