It does get better guys, just trust the process

When I first joined, I read too many posts on here and just saw tons of guys really struggling with the process. I felt demoralized.

I was very skeptical but also desperate to change something in my life sexually. I will say the process has been great, you really have to out aside your ego and just trust the process. I was doing penis root massage all wrong, now that I’ve changed it I have a raging hard-on the entire 10 mins and feel like I could cum on command but plenty comfy just enjoying it. After the exercise and the daily kegels, I decided to rub one out the old fashion way and it felt like jerking off before I started having these issues. Just felt relaxing and fun, wasn’t chasing the orgasm or worried about when I was going to cum. Definitely a huge step in the right direction.


Can I ask, in what way did you find you were doing penis root massage wrong, and what did you then do differently?


I totally agree with this. I’ve learned a lot and stopped masturbating just for the sake of cumming and started doing it for proper pleasure. I don’t rush into masturbating, don’t do it as a “chore”, and don’t use porn while doing it. I feel that this is helping regain sensitivity when I’m in sexual situations. And penis root massage is great for masturbation!


That’s very encouraging to know. Thanks!

Yeah what do you mean by “doing penis root massage wrong”?