Issues with lasting in bed

I feel like I’m not lasting as long as I want to in bed, like less than a minute, I saw a girl I’m speaking to on the weekend and we had sex and first round literally 10 seconds I wanted to finish I had to pull out and give myself a little break, then once we started again I finished within another 10 seconds, second round I lasted a bit longer but still only like maybe a minute, I don’t have issues getting it up most of the time but I just want to last longer, a year ago I lasted up to 30 to 45 mins sober and more than an hour after a few drinks but now I’m lucky if I can last more than 1-5mins sober and more than 10 mins after drinks I don’t know what happened

On your own try edging, where you are close to no point of return and let it get semi soft and repeat process until you can’t anymore. This helped me in the past

What do you mean by repeat until you can’t anymore like keep on edging yourself

Yes keep repeating the edging process until you can’t hold back anymore lol