Issues i am facing while having sex

I love a girl. I get hard thinking about her. And I stayed hard even. From the day she expressed she wants to have sex i kind of getting on and off. I have great feelings for her and want her in my life. When having sex i am hard i am all in but when i come out to change positions i get flaccid. What’s the problem here. Can i be cured? Can i have good physical relationship with her? I am in my 40 though.

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Hi. Have you been using this app for long? You might find that there is great hope in it as you work your way through it - there are lots of positive stories from the community about how things are better for them. And can be for you, too.

And this might just be a blip for you, a little bump in the road that will resolve itself.

The fact that you are getting hard in the first place is a really positive sign and there are loads of stages of this app that deal with what’s going on in our heads rather than our bodies, so you might find that you can iron out mental wrinkles that you didn’t even know were there. Good luck!

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