Inability to perform happened all of a sudden. Essentially overnight

I’m really not sure what happened. I’m not sure if it’s physical, but it sure has become psychological at this point. It’s been over a month since I’ve noticed the sudden change.

The ability to perform and get/maintain full erections/last a long time and give partners multiple orgasms has never been an issue for me. Here are some really weird things I’ve noticed since the change:

  1. I noticed that I ejaculate a small amount (5-10% of regular load) WITHOUT an orgasm - something I’ve never experienced in my life ever. It’s like it just comes out without me feeling that I’m ejaculating (similar to how you don’t know that you have precum). It’s like the small ejaculate comes first and a few moments later is when the orgasm and full ejaculation comes. Weird.

  2. When I am masturbating. Early on, there comes a point where I feel my penis pulsate a few times and then become limp quickly. It’s as if that became a new warning sign that when I feel that pulsate, i will become limp

  3. I feel like I’m only able to ejaculate/orgasm when I am partially limp

  4. I noticed that my erections that happen for no reason (morning wood etc.) last a long time, but when trying to be intimate, it doesn’t last (this is why I know the change has become psychological)

I work out 5-6 days/week so it’s prob not a hormone issue.

I’m not sure if I physically injured the area or something:

  1. Prior to the change, there was a night when I went to the bars and that night i held my urine in for a long period of time to the point where it was painful. However, no feelings of pain or anything unusual after urinating. Everything seems fine here

  2. I have been working out my legs pretty hard recently. I’ve been going heavy on the inner thighs machine (hip abductors) and noticed my groin areas becoming sore from the workout

I did see a doctor/urologist a few weeks after noticing this and they said not to worry and come back if things don’t change in 90 days (it’s been about 20-30 days)

I really need some help and it’s really stressing me out especially because the change happened all of a sudden.

Anyone have advice or feedback?

Appreciate you all!

Thanks for sharing and sorry to hear about your trouble.

Have you experienced anything challenging or traumatic in your life in general, or perhaps something that is undermining your self-confidence or self-esteem?

I am just wondering a bit about the notion of a “sudden change”; perhaps something “got in your head” and is causing you to spectate and monitor your erections in a way that you would not previously have done?

To my mind, if you have good-quality morning wood, then, as you say, it seems like any challenges with erections for masturbation and sex are likely to be psychologically based (I can certainly relate to this!).

Have you tried having sex with a partner recently?

The only-feeling-that-you’re-able-to-ejaculate-when-you’re-partially-limp experience can feel odd, but it is normal. It’s likely to be that you can’t relax enough (i.e., your sympathetic fight-or-flight response is kicking in because your monitoring action tells your nervous system that you’re under threat) to let blood fully engorge your dick, but you are stimulated enough that you can come. A strange experience, but kind of makes sense!

All the best to you for getting this sorted!

Appreciate your response!

In terms of self confidence, my confidence is through the roof. I have been stressful because I’m getting ready to launch a business. But, the stress level didn’t increase from when things were fine and to when they suddenly changed.

I have recently been with a partner a few days ago. This our second time having sex and the first time was amazing, this recent time not so much because of the change.

I think it could also be because of porn. Before the change, I’ve had multiple partners and had amazing sex with all of them. I felt horny all the time and I watched porn everyday for over a month even while sexually active. Maybe the porn is what caused my issue? I’m not sure.

But at this time it’s extremely frustrating and demotivating

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Glad to hear that your confidence is through the roof!

Would it be helpful to take a week off (from porn and from sex) and just focus on other stuff in life? If you experience any concerning thoughts relating to erections, then you can try to just let them go (easier said than done, I know). And this will hopefully give your brain the space to focus on all the successful experiences that you had, rather than the difficulties.

And wow - I wish I could attract partners like you! Any good tips going? :slight_smile:

That def sounds like a plan. I’m sure everything will get better over time, but what I’m worried about most is why I’m ejaculating before the actual orgasm. It’s never happened in my entire life.

It’s so weird and I hope it’s not the new normal.