My Abilities turned off like a switch

I just recently became sexually active with my partner. Before we became active, I would be horny all the time and constantly get erections around her when we made out or snuggled up, which she thought was cute and endearing. But since we became active, it’s been almost the opposite. I get extremely anxious and nervous and in my head when I know we’re about to have sex. To the point where I can get or stay hard, and I don’t have the drive because I feel like I will fail again. I feel paralyzed and like my confidence is completely gone. Im almost positive it’s psychological because she was just on her period (so I knew regular sex was off the table) and I had no problems getting and staying hard for blowjobs and handjobs. The guilt has been overwhelming because she thinks she is doing something wrong or that I don’t think she’s beautiful, which is totally and completely false.


I would suggest you keep making progress through the Mojo exercises. It’s good news that it’s not a physical problem, but it will take some time for the psychological aspect, which sounds like performance anxiety. You can also consider trying ED medication at the same time, which will make it easier to get and maintain an erection. You can get a prescription from your doctor or from an online or in-person clinic.

I’m working through the same issue. She’s beautiful and I’m very attracted to her, but when I don’t stay hard she thinks I don’t want her - far from it, I find it frustrating. Hoping Mojo will help